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B&O Stylus Retipping and Cartridge Restoration

Your cartridges are painstakingly restored in England.

7 year guarantee

Unique quality deserves a unique guarantee

All cartridges are fully covered under a 7-year guarantee which we believe is unique to the industry, and shows the pride and care taken in every repair.

You can send in your own original cartridge to be restored to like-new or better condition. Or if you prefer you can buy a refurbished cartridge. Prices below are repair prices. (If you need to buy a cartridge without sending anything please send a message to enquire about availability).

MMC1-5, MMC5, MMC4, MMC3, MMC2, MMC1

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SP15, MMC20S, MMC20E, MMC10E, MMC20EN, MMC20CL, MMC3000, MMC4000, MMC5000, MMC6000

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SP series, SP10, SP12, SP14, SP6-7, SP8-9, SP1-2, SP6, SP7, SP8, SP9, SP1, SP2

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